Fenix ARB-L16 700UP USB Rechargeable Li-ion 16340 Battery


The ARB-L16 700UP battery is the newest 16340 battery by Fenix designed for heavy load discharge products. This battery can be charged via its own USB port or with a compatible Fenix charger. The ARB-700UP has a built in multilevel protection circuit and is covered with a riveted steel hat, the battery is fully covered with the steel shell greatly reducing the potential risk of short circuit caused by collision or impact.


  • Micro USB charging port lets you charge the battery directly
  • Heavy load discharge
  • Protection Circuit in the Anode to prevent short circuit
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • 500 charge cycles can be expected from a properly maintained battery.
  • Fully covered with a riveted steel shell for impact resistance
  • Over charge, discharge, short circuit, and over heating protection