Fenix Warranty Policies

Warranty work for Fenix lights is based on the light’s serial number. The serial number is traced to a particular country. So when warranty work is required, the light will have to go back to the country from which the light was purchased. Customers purchasing Fenix products from outside of Canada will be required to return the light to the seller it was purchased from.

What is the Fenix warranty?

Below is the manufacturer’s warranty effective for lights sold after June 1 2015

The warranty depends on the Fenix product purchased.

Fenix Products Manufacturer’s Warranty
Flashlights, Headlamps, and Bike Lights.
(includes all lights which ship WITHOUT rechargeable
batteries and those lights which ship WITH
rechargeable batteries which can be removed from
the light) Examples: TK series, LD series, E series,
SD series, RC series, UC Series, Camping Lanterns,
and UC35.
5 Years on the Light
(1 year on the included rechargeable
battery if there is one)
**If you register your light on the manufacturer’s
website, your warranty is extended an additional
6 months on the light
Flashlights, Headlamps, and Bike Lights which ship
WITH a sealed battery pack which cannot be accessed
by the customer. Example:  BC30R
2 Years on both the light and battery pack
**If you register your light on the manufacturer’s
website, your warranty is extended an additional
6 months on the light and battery
Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, bike mounts,
and Remote Pressure Switch
1 Year (no extended warranty offered)


What does the Fenix warranty cover?

The standard warranty covers manufacturing defects.  Accessories (such as pocket clips, lanyards, and holsters) are not covered by the warranty.  Normal wear is not covered by the warranty.  Battery leakage is not covered under the warranty.  You are purchasing a high-quality flashlight so it is recommended that you select high-quality batteries to the specifications for your light.  Most alkaline batteries can leak over a period of time.  If you aren’t going to use your flashlight for 3 weeks or more, it is recommended you remove alkaline batteries to minimize the chances of battery leakage.

Customers are responsible for shipping costs for warranty items being sent to our service centre, Canada Post is the most economical method. Warranty items will be repaired/replaced at our discretion and returned to you at our cost. Items being serviced outside of warranty will incur fees and shipping charges based on the service being done

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