AR102 Remote Pressure Switch

Fenix AR102 Remote Pressure Switch

The Fenix remote pressure switch is specially designed for tactical flashlights. With four internal sensors the switch activates your flashlight by applying slight finger pressure. Once pressure is released the switch turns the flashlight off. With its 80cm cable (Max length) for remote control of the flashlight, Fenix remote pressure switch makes your tactical mission or hunting trip more practical and convenient.


AR102 Remote Pressure Switch for TK12, TA20 and TA21 Flashlights:

  • The pressure pad cover is made from durable colloidal silica, rated for 100,000 cycles and 1 A electric current, your flashlight is activated just by any of the four sensors
  • ┬áThe coiled cable is made from resilient PU material, 23cm in length when coiled, 80 cm in length when expanded
  • The tail adaptor connected to the flashlight is made from T6-grade aluminum with Type III hard-anodized finish for anti-scratch and anti-abrasive durability
  • The side switch in the tail adaptor is rated for 1A electric current and works separately to the pressure pad switch
  • Water-proof to IPX-8 standard
  • The tail adaptor is 25.4 mm in diameter, 40 mm in length, and works with Fenix TK12, TA20 and TA21 flashlights
  • Total weight – 53.2 grams including pressure pad switch, coiled cable and tail adaptor