Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Attachment

Product Description:
Introducing Fenix’s newest headlamp mount. The ALG-03 V2.0 is made from durable nylon and is easy to assemble! The ALG-03 V2.0 headlamp attachment is specifically designed for HL55 and HL60R fixation to outdoor or industrial work helmets. It enables easy and convenient attachment and detachment of headlamp to and from helmet, and allows adjustment of the lighting angle of the headlamps. In addition, it uses thickened blown-sponge, to fit to more helmets in various ways.

• Specifically designed for HL55 and HL60R
• Quick attachment and detachment of the headlamp
• Allows adjustment of the lighting angle
• Durable nylon
• Easy to assemble

Size of your Headlamp Mount:
• Length: 2.56 in./65mm
• Width: 3.5 in./89mm

What Is Included:

  • 1 x ALG-03 headlamp attachment
  • 3 x TESA adhesive tape (blue)