Fenix BC35R 1800 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Light

Product Description:

The Fenix BC35R is an all-round USB rechargeable bicycle light. With more than ample light for city commuting the maximum 1800 lumens is also great for country and mountain trail cycling. The innovative cut-off facula line guarantees safer cycling by not blinding oncoming pedestrian or vehicle traffic, The OLED screen displays the current output and corresponding runtime. The remote pressure switch makes instant operation possible during cycling, and changing road conditions can be abruptly dealt with. The BC35R has built-in anti-theft protection which smartly monitors users’ bicycles. Moving the bicycle will set off an alarm. Features are: built-in 5200mAh USB rechargeable Li-ion battery, anti-glare facula, high output of 1800 lumens, intelligent anti-theft, digital screen display, and remote pressure switch operation. Grab your BC35R and don’t miss the opportunity to have fun riding!


  • CREE XHP50 Neutral White LED (1800 Lumens)
  • 5 output modes plus a Burst mode and Flash mode
    • Burst
      1800 lumens (479 feet/146 meters)
    • High
      1000 lumens (2 hours and 12 min. – 390 feet/119 meters)
    • Med
      400 lumens (6 hours and 30 min – 240 feet/73 meters)
    • Low
      150 lumens (12hrs – 148 feet/45 meters)
    • Eco
      50 lumens (28 hours – 82 feet/25 meters)
    • Flash
      150 lumens
  • Built-in 5200mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery; micro USB charging
  • Anti-glare cut-off facula
  • Intelligent anti-theft protection and monitoring
  • High-strength aluminum body
  • Overheat protection
  • Low-voltage warning
  • Micro USB Charging port
  • IP66 Rated (dustproof and waterproof to withstand heavy rain and splashing)
  • Anti-glare cut-off facula line for safer cycling
  • Remote pressure switch for instantly activating 1800 lumens
  • OLED screen displays the current output and remaining battery level
  • Quick-release light mount
  • All-metal housing
  • 119mm Length x 50mm Width x 31mm Height
  • 283 grams (including mount and battery)